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Classic Remodeling Services LLC, established in 1989, specializes in residential and commercial services, thriving on trust and affordability. Our team comprises certified professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional remodeling services, including interior/exterior painting, crafting of sun and screen rooms, and general contracting in Texas. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we offer comprehensive insurance and free consultations, ensuring your projects are executed seamlessly and within budget. With decades of experience, our reputable experts are committed to revitalizing your spaces, making your visions come alive with quality and unmatched craftsmanship. Choose us for a hassle-free, delightful remodeling experience.

We Provide Home Remodeling Services In Texas

Classic Remodeling Services LLC is your one-stop destination for all home and commercial enhancements. Our expertise covers everything from luxurious bathroom makeovers and intricate tile restorations to robust concrete work. Our design services seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, ensuring each kitchen, bedroom, or garage space shines with renewed vigor. With unparalleled skill in constructing screen rooms, sunrooms, epoxy coatings, waterproofing, and even full-scale home remodeling, we commit to elevating every corner of your property. Our dedicated team also offers specialized services for patios, porches, and decks, guaranteeing precision in each nail and paint stroke. Whether thinking of structural repairs or beautifying your spaces with our painting services, our comprehensive offers top-notch results.

General Contractor

We manage residential and commercial construction projects with expertise, coordinating various tasks and ensuring work is completed efficiently, safely, and to the highest quality standards.



We restore your property, breathing new life into it through strategic planning, proactive problem-solving to challenges, expert remodeling, and an eye for beauty and functionality.

Interior Painting

Interior/Exterior Painting

We enhance spaces with professional painting services, applying precise techniques and high-quality materials to achieve exceptional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finishes.


Screen Rooms

We create comfortable screen rooms, offering a protective barrier against insects and elements, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living with indoor comfort.

sun rooms


We build stunning sunrooms that blend the indoors and outdoors in a way that makes the most of natural light and warmth no matter the season.

Why Choose Us

Every detail matters, and we maintain an uncompromising standard of excellence in our services, leaving no room for error. Choose us, where every project, big or small, is fueled by a passion for excellence, a customized approach, and exceptional end-to-end service, ensuring a flawless realization of your remodeling visions.

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Be Dazzled by Our Remodeling Brilliance & more! Each design stroke radiates creativity, transforming your spaces into masterpieces of elegance.

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